Welcome! What's your Sign?

Signs! Signs everywhere!  Which signs do we follow? Where will they lead us? Can challenges be a positive sign? Can the signs we receive be a way of pointing us to the needs of others? This was certainly true for me. I took a photo of this sign "do more of what makes you awesome" outside of Milt and Edy's Drycleaners in Los Angeles!

My dream was always to be a part of a resident acting company. My first year in Los Angeles, I joined a resident acting company and found myself playing Olivia in "Twelfth Night", a dream opportunity! When the company relocated I wondered what that "sign" meant. I quickly discovered that my desire to be a resident actor was more about my desire for security. I realized this need for security was in complete conflict with so much of what I loved about the power of the arts. Two of my greatest passions is new works and new audiences! I love the ability to bring innovative arts programming to underserved audiences.  I got to be a part of re-launching the 501 C-3 wing of the East Coast born Light Keeper Productions in California. The organization serves audiences who listen and experience in beautiful unique ways. These audiences help inform the work I do outside of the company where I can envision the work and the roles I play in new and innovative ways.

I believe it is vital to serve audiences with special needs and audiences that may not have the opportunity to experience arts in their community. Too often, we invite our audience to "unwrap their candy", "to remain quiet", "to silently experience"-Yet our greatest traditions in the theatre are about igniting a fire in our audience, inspiring our audience to understand how vital their voice is in the changes we long for in our world. We don't need a "perfect" audience. We need our audience to do more of what makes them awesome! What makes us awesome as artists is our ability to shine a light on their greatness!



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