Amelia: Undiscovered Country

Two actors in search of an author

What if the true author of the Shakespeare canon was in fact an Italian-Jewish woman?

The English poetess and proto-feminist, AmeliaBassano Lanier, was famed for her beauty, wit and exoticism in the Court of Elizabeth I. Already cited by many historians as the inspiration for the Dark Lady of Shakespeare’s sonnets, her Jewish-Italian heritage, coupled with her career as a Courtesan, suggests she may have in fact been the author of the plays themselves. For two actors stuck in confinement, challenging the works of Shakespeare through this new filter becomes first a game, then a quest to prove her claim to the authorship.

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So happy for the release of "White Cliffs of Dover". The song will be used for on line educational platform recognizing the deaf experience during WWII. So proud to have worked with Interpreter Lily Molina. 

Exploring many of the themes that connect the modern world to Shakespeare’s, Amelia: Undiscovered Country is a challenge to history's preconceived notions of one of the most revered writers in history.

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